10th August 2016
11th September 2014

    Capture those tiny little toes and precious little features which change all too quickly. A newborn portrait session, within the first 7 – 14 days, is the perfect way to remember these special early days and gorgeous curly poses. Whilst your newborn is soothed and quietly drop off to sleep, I will patiently combine my photographic style and ability to gently handle your baby to create artistic newborn poses and capture precious memories for you to cherish forever.


    SESSION INCLUDES • Up to 2 hour newborn photography studio session• Post digital editing so don’t worry about little milk spots and dry skin they may come up on the day of your session  • A Variety of beautiful props. in colours and styles of your choice •  Siblings are welcome but please notify me prior to session • Clients are welcome to bring any sentimental props or gifts they want included within the images. • Approx 30 high resolution digital images with print release rights ( sent to your email with instant download access)

    I aim to get as many different poses during this time, as long as your baby is in a deep sleep we can achieve near enough most of these. You are more than welcome to include yourselves in some shots and siblings are also welcome. I ask that you advise me in advance so I can prepare the studio and advise you of what you need to bring with and wear for optimized images.

    In preparation I will  ask you about your home style and the type of photography you like so that your final photos are completely bespoke to you. At your shoot you will be able to select a range of props from hats and headbands to buckets, baskets and backdrops so you can make sure the images match your personal style and interiors. Feel free to make a selection of photo samples on your phone to show me styles and images you like and would like to recreate.



    SESSION INCLUDES • Up to 2 hour specialist newborn creative photography session in the comfort of your own home, using your own styles, colour schemes and furnishings as the backdrops to create stunning and natural style images, using natural soft lighting and your family and children being comfortable within their home surroundings and comforts (local area to the studio). Additional travel fee added to this for specific locations, depending on distance. Price includes the editing of your images, including artistic enhancements. 50 high resolution images sent to you instant download link.



    The number one thing with my newborn sessions is your babies safety. They are so small and precious I will make sure they are not compromised in anyway.

    My sessions take up to 2 hours, we won’t rush but will do things at your babies pace. A large proportion of that time will be spend simply soothing and snuggling your newborn baby, so feel free to bring snacks, books or even have a nap. It is important to remember your baby will not perform on demand and experience tells me that we need to keep calm and go with the flow,  as stressing about baby not settling will lead to baby picking up on it.

    I also find that a baby with a full tummy is also generally a sleepy one. I recommend that baby is fed just before you arrive at my studio so we can catch them when they are at their fullest. You may also need to feed baby a number of times throughout the session to help them settle.

    It is advisable to bring plenty of wipes and cloths with you for the session, and you may also want to consider bringing a spare shirt. Unfortunately having a naked newborn around means we are likely to have accidents. Please don’t worry about this or get flustered as it is something all babies do and something I am completely used to. All blankets/wraps and props are washed and cleaned after every session so if baby does have an accident it is not a problem.

    The room will be kept nice and warm so as to help your baby be comfortable enough to sleep whilst naked. You might want to consider wearing light clothing as it can get hot for adults. I use an oil heater to warm the area where your baby will be and to help them not feel exposed

    My studio is quite large but I use a small area for my newborn work, which is great for babies as it’s not overwhelming. There is plenty of space for people to watch,  ideally I ask that it is kept to just the parents accompanying baby and any siblings are also welcome. But there is an option to include grandparents too. Young siblings do tend to have a short attention span so it is generally advised, that once any sibling and family shots have taken place you have things for siblings to do to keep occupied or a parents can take them off to play so we can concentrate on your newborns needs.

    Dummies, whilst not a necessity, are really helpful during a session. I would not make anybody use a dummy as this is a personal choice but if you are not adverse to the use of dummies, if only for the session, or are intending on using one going forward it is advisable to bring it with you in case we need.

    I promise I’ll do my best to get the images  you want. Once your baby has reached the deep sleep cycle we should be able to move through poses quickly and hopefully get the images you want.

    Main things to remember:

    • Please set aside enough time for your session
    • The session involves a lot of settling and soothing your baby. More time is spent doing this than taking photographs
    • I will handle and pose your baby but I may need you to help if your baby is proving difficult to settle
    • I may also need your help with baby so as to keep them secure and safe on various props – this of utmost importance
    • A dummy may help to settle a baby during a session. It is not a necessity but is something you may want to bring if you have them. It can be really helpful
    • Your baby is in charge. If they need feeding then everything will be put on hold for them to do so
    • If the baby is being bottle fed please bring lots of bottles. Babies tend to need more during a session as they are woken often
    • Sibling and family shots are usually done first as siblings tend to only have a concentration span of 30 minutes.
    • Make sure you wear or bring a plain black and/or white top for all the family, I won’t get your face in shots  if you do not want to be included in the session but I  need the black for my signature  dramatic shots with your hands and small details  in.
    • Please also make sure you nails and hands are tidy, there will be close up of your hands around babies hands and feet.
    • If you  or siblings are planing to get in the photos with baby, please bring a black (dark) top and also a white (light) top.


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