25th February 2019
25th February 2019


Sophie’s  aim is to capture your moment, your life, your now! Friends are everything and it is so incredible to look back on our lives & remember those amazing people, times and moments!

Sophie and her friends have been BFs for many years. Each of them, who she met during different times of her life, and friendship is so important to her, her friends are her world! Let her capture beautiful images of you and your friends and  show the special bond and trust you all share. The images that will be captured will show the inner and outer beauty of each one of you.

This session is special because it isn’t necessarily for a special occasion, but rather to cherish a friendship through photos, and that is a special occasion.


A stunning add to any package: THE SIGNATURE PRESENTATION BOXES (This includes 10 or 20 prints & signature USB with all enhanced photos from the session)

Classic Signature USB Mount Box – £160 (Includes 10 x 7×5 mounted prints of your choice with an 8GB USB)

Luxury Signature USB Mount Box – £220(Includes 10 x 10×8 mounted prints of your choice with an 8GB USB)

Platinum Signature USB Mount Box – £280 (Includes 20 x 7x 5 bevel-cut mounted prints of your choice with an 8GB USB)

Choose Between: Black – White – Grey Box Black or White Mounts Silver – Rose Gold – Love Heart USB

  • If you have preferred colour scheme or style in mind please let me know when you make booking so I can ensure I have everything matching and suitable for your style and choice.
  • Arrive with your child ready for pre shoot – its best to let your child get used to the surroundings and get straight into shoot rather than undressing them, its a pretty overwhelming time for babies, lots of excited parents, colours, and new senses!
  • Bring an extra outfit to wear for the smash, keep it minimal, less clothes means more lovely mess! (tutu, bikini, shorts, or even just a nappy)  I do have a selection of cake smash outfits for boys and girls  that you are welcome to use instead. The choice is yours.
  • Don’t forget your cake (if it is not included in your package)
  • Be armed with lots and lots of wet wipes
  • If your child has sensitive skin please supply your own bubble bath (if bath is included in your package), also a baby bathrobe and/or towel
  • Water for you child to drink during the session, lottos cake tends to be consumed and babies can get thirsty quickly.
  • A change of clothes for parents ( it’s common for cuddles to be required during the smash and often the parents can get messier than the child!)
  • A nice comfy clean outfit to dress your child in after the session
Apart from that leave it to me and I’ll capture some gorgeous fun filled photographs for you to treasure.