25th February 2019
25th February 2019


My boudoir shoots take place in the safety of my fully equipped studio and are a truly special experience.  Most women are reassured that as a female boudoir photographer I understand women, how they see themselves and their bodies and most importantly how they want to be photographed.

There are many different styles of boudoir photography which often means that women are not quite sure what to expect.  It is something that I love to photograph, creating stylish, elegant and beautiful boudoir imagery that reflects designer lingerie brands.  My work  is a long, long way from the world of ‘glamour’ in style and tone.   I tend to attract strong, independent women who are keen to have a boudoir photography session at a significant time in their life.

There are many reasons why women consider a boudoir shoot. It is a portrait shoot that not only celebrates who you are but how you feel about yourself and usually involves lingerie and you looking your absolute best.   It is a hugely transformative experience that will do amazing things for confidence and self esteem.  And that is why I love to shoot boudoir so much.

A stunning add to any package: THE SIGNATURE PRESENTATION BOXES (This includes 10 or 20 prints & signature USB with all enhanced photos from the session)

Classic Signature USB Mount Box – £160 (Includes 10 x 7×5 mounted prints of your choice with an 8GB USB)

Luxury Signature USB Mount Box – £220(Includes 10 x 10×8 mounted prints of your choice with an 8GB USB)

Platinum Signature USB Mount Box – £280 (Includes 20 x 7x 5 bevel-cut mounted prints of your choice with an 8GB USB)

Choose Between: Black – White – Grey Box Black or White Mounts Silver – Rose Gold – Love Heart USB



Apart from that leave it to me and I’ll capture some gorgeous fun filled photographs for you to treasure.