It wouldn't be possible to provide the professional and quick service, I offer my clients if it wasn't for my amazing team! Although just 3, my Personal Assistant Sophia and Digital Retoucher Nicola are a huge part of the business and help me to create the stunning imagery I supply to my clients on a daily basis. Sophia is a budding young artist, who will soon be on a degree course in her chosen fields and will continue as studio assistant and second photographer on locations. She works alongside me in studio at weekends, making bookings, looking after all who walk through the door, keeping on top of the accounts, along with assisting me and second shooting at weddings. She recently has taken on some small local event jobs solo. Building herself a great portfolio of images. Nicola works remotely on the digital editing of most of the images that I supply to my clients and has done for the last 10 years. She is thorough and precise and gives the images a gorgeous gloss and finish before they are set out to be viewed. Her skills grow each week and her reliability and professionalism is what keeps me producing more and more gorgeous photographs over and over again. All in all... a unit of three women with different strengths that fit together to create awesome force